K59 Going Off!

Our Home Break
See how the pros handle our great right hander just out in front.

El Zonte and Punta Roca

These spots are only a few minutes away.
We can take you there or you can get there by our rent-a-car!

Wolrd Class Punta Roca

Goofy or regular doesn't matter!?!
Some visitors having a great time during a mid-day session.

Punta Mango

The east side has some great waves as well.
If the swell is to big here Punta Mango is the answer. We can organize a trip for you to score some great waves.

More El Salvador Surf

Slashes and Barrels
Check out this fine piece of what El Salvador has to offer.

Pros in El Salvador

Surf Movie "The Cancer of Capricorn"
Are you a Modern Gypsy" ? This movie shows some great footage of all the breaks surrounding k59. We can take you there !