What People Are Saying

John Smith

I loved the K Lodge I would recommend staying here for anyone who loves to surf.

Ben Sanchez

My best vacation: A friend recommended going to El Salvador and going with Walter. The summer before I went to Costa Rica for 3 weeks traveling the whole coast, and thought that nothing could really match that. I was dead wrong. We arrived in El Salvador and were met by Walter and driven to our first place. We surfed tons of spots on the west side including El Zone, Punta Roca, Playa el Tunco, K61 and k59. I definitely put k 59 at the top of my list on the west side, and possibly in El Salvador. This spot in California would have had at least 75 guys out, but in El Salvador, there averaged a measly 10 guys out. Get more turns than you ever have in your life on one wave, and slip in a few little barrels here and there, and you'll realize you will want to come back every year. If you are looking for a little mellower wave (my dad was) you can surf k61, which is just a pebble throw away from k59. The icing on the cake of this trip was Walter. Every where we went, he knew someone in the water. Every day he would talk about how good the waves were going to be, and also would get us motivated to surf early even after we surfed 8 hours the day before. I will be back every year, and I will always go with Walter. I can't imagine another person in El Salvador being a better guide than Walter. Thanks Walter, can't wait to be back. Ben San Luis Obispo, Ca

Patrick Longley

BEST TRIPP EVVVVER ! I came to El Salvador on a complete whim. My Buddy told me if I was going down there to hook up with Walter. What a hook up! He took me around to all the local surf posts and happening bars at night. The surf in front of his house is insane. No crowds except for a couple local kids with half broken boards out n the lineup with big smiles. I can't wait to get back to The K-Lodge and get back in that insanely warm water. The food was exceptional. Lorena the cook new how to feed surfers with incredible flavors and huge portions. I never left the table hungry. Right on K-Lodge! Patrick Longley Los Angeles, Ca Trip Sept. 2012

Parker Dunbar

It's hard to put into words how amazing my first trip to El Salvador was, but here goes. We did a surf tour and Walter was with us for 7 days. This was almost a year ago and the K-Lodge hadn't been completed yet. He picked us (mom, dad, two brothers, a friend, and myself) up from the airport. We dropped our stuff off and immediately went surfing with Walter. It was so nice to have him in the water for my first go out in El Salvador. While on the west side we surfed El Zonte, Punta Roca, Playa el Tunco, K59, K61, and a couple others that slipped my mind. This was in the span of 4 days. Every session was solid. Head-high to over head and perfect. K59 was my favorite. Just a perfect wave. Room to do about 10 turns and get barreled. It was so fun. Walter drove us to and from every spot and surfed with us. He gave us the run-down and all spots regarding where to sit, hazards, and local factor. All the locals were very nice to us when they knew we were with Walter. My family and I had this saying while we were down there..."You know Walter? Of course, everybody knows Walter." We truly had every place dialed because of him. It was nice not having to worry about driving or parking or where we were going. If a spot wasn't good (perfect), we'd drive for a little and get to a spot that was perfect. Then we went to Las Flores. Scored there too. We stayed a little ways from the beach since all the places on he beach were booked. Not a problem though. Walter would have us on the beach whenever we wanted. Even when we woke him up at 4am to get to a boat to score the best waves of my life at Punta Mango, Walter was as fired up as we were. I could go on and on. The bottom line is that because of quality of the waves, the beauty of El Salvador and most importantly our friend Walter, we will come back every year. Can't wait to stay a the K-Lodge and surf K59 all day, every day. Thanks Walter. Cheers. Parker Los Angeles, CA Trip: July 2011