Organic Dining


At The K-LODGE we offer you a wide variety of dishes that will explode your taste buds with a mixture of local flavors. A fusion of traditional Salvadorean cuisine and a twist of western style, will have you leaving the table full and replenished before and after every surf session. We focus on organic and healthy ingredients to heighten your taste buds and all round body. We serve 3 meals a day every day of your stay, plus a pre-breakfast complementary snack right before your early morning surf sesh. Our main courses range from chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and a wide selection of sea-food bought fresj from the Local Fishermen. You have to come and try or basil, cilantro, lime red snapper fillet and you will be sold as soon as the fork reaches your mouth.

We can fit vegan and vegetarian diet or any special diet upon request.

Food price range from $10 to $12 dollars per meal for dinner and lunch and $5 dollars for a full big breakfast including orange juice or the seasonal fruit juice of your choice!

The K-lodge provides you free coffee and purified water for you to refill on you personal water bottle all day long.

We also Offer:

Beer for $1.50
Energy drinks $3.50
Gatorares $ 1.25
Sodas $1