Book Our Surf Photographer

Don’t Just Tell Your Friends About your Week at The K-Lodge.

Book Samuel, a local ripper ranked 6 on our national surf circuit and our part time photographer. He knows “was sup” behind the lens and will shoot¬† your surf session daily upon request. ¬† You will be stoked on the turn out and will take home several “framers” for sure! So make some space on your wall before you leave to El Salvador because you will bring home some timeless shots to hang.

Samuel gear and lenses are top of the line in the surf photograph industry and the quality shows. You do your homework in the water and he will do his magic on land!

All his images are formatted on a personal CD for you and also copied to a flash drive upon request.

Cost per day of shooting is $35 dollars per person for an unlimited number of shots. You can check on his work all over this site as almost every surf shot is made by him.

We appreciate if you let us know in advance if you would like to book Samuel for your week. Share your stoke and support our local surfers!