We can offer you a wide range of optional tours and activities if you want to change a little the surf scene or want to do something fun with your non surfer partner these tours and activities are extra and are charged separately from the prices quoted in this website, however we can taylor an specific package specially for you including any or all of the following tours & activities cobined with our estándar packages.

Moto Tour

Enjoy an amazing ride thru the pristine trails of our coastal mountain range on a dirt bike guided and assisted by our former motocross and enduro national champion Guillermo Mason, enjoy unique ocean lookouts from places up high only accessible by horse or our dirt bikes, the views are breathtaking guaranteed, go thru coffe plantations and remote villages while crossing several rivers and creeks and find out a new exiting way to know el salvador deepest hidden jewels.

So you said you dont know how to drive a bike? Not a problem,The moto tour is available on different levels of trail and gear difficulties. From people who actually neve ever rode a bike to intermidiates and experts. We match skill level with bike size that will suit your skills better and choose the right trail to make sure you will have a safe and amazing moto experience while in el salvador.

The tour includes:

-Bike/Quad rental
-Saftey Gear (suit, boots, and helmet)
-Track Practice (if necessary)
-3 hour natrual trail


The stock bikes/quads range from (100cc – 250cc)


A Night in The City

Thou theres plenty of night time fun near The K-Lodge, if you want to try the real city scene we will take you out tonight! Enjoy a guided tour thru the best clubs, bars and restaurants our capital has to offer, to start the night we will take you out for dinner to the restaurant and cuisine of your choice followed by a night of clubs and bars where you will dance to the top tunes in the tropics, or enjoy the best live bands. Whatever your scene is, the city has something for you .A wide genre of cover bands pass through this are ranging form Reggae, Punk, Ska and Metal as well as international djs and vibrant local clubs. We guratee a night for the records!

Ask us about special events.

(The night in the city tour includes transportation and guidence only.)


Cultural City & Volcano Tour

Come with us to a exiting trip to the past and the present of el salvador thru its great museums. Get facinated with the modern and contemporary art of el salvador,meet the work of its more laurated artists, learn about its natural history and anthropology and take with you a different vision of el salvador. You will be deeply impressed!. To finish this amazing journey we will take you for a great sunset view from the top of San Salvador Volcano, enjoy breathtaking views of the city andenjoy a short hike thru its beautiful forrest along the crater.

(This tour includes a billingual specialized guide and transportation from and back to The K-Lodge)


Mayan Ruin & The Lake

Embark on a facinating time travel journey to the ancient past of El Salvador with Tino ,a graduated anthropologist, a Rasta roadie on his free time and our time machine captain. He will take you step by step thru every Mayan Pyramid explaning to you in an easy fun way every piece of history carved on their clay bricks. Tino will show you the meaning behind every little sculpure and stela around the sites revealing the mayan life style in a very unique way. Don’t forget to pack your swim suit on your back pack because this journey ends at coatepeque, a blue lake right at the crater of a gargantuan volcano and ranked as one of the most beautiful lakes on the continent. Here you will enjoy swimming in these tempered waters and sunbathing to a breathtaking landscape.

Dont forget to ask us about the special events and seasonal tours & activities if its happening we will take you there!


K59 Hike

Come with us and enjoy the fruits of the land at your temporary “homebreak” through a fun short hike over the jungle surrounding K-LODGE. Spray yourself with a modarate dose of mosquito repelent and wrap your swim suit on your towell and you are ready to go. We leave camp by foot hike through a nature filled tropical jungle to the seashore cliffs. When we start to go up on the headland, the views and landscape are unique and quite georgeous until we finally arrive to a pristine sandy cove where we enjoy the beach and jump in the ocean to refresh the jungle’s heat! A super fun and accessible hike that will make your trip quite special!


Weekend Night Life (El Tunco)

Thou the whole scene at K-lodge is quite mellow and quiet, the party is just down the road and we will take you there. El Tunco, the most touristic town along the salvadorean coast, is only a 10 minutes drive from K-LODGE. There you have a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs where you can dance seaside until the wee hours. The scene is quite diverse with local Djs and live bands.  We gurarantee a unforgettable night!

(The tour includes transportation and assistance to find the best place for you)