We are living the dream and we built a piece of it for you to come and enjoy. There is nothing like waking up at the break of dawn with the sound of pounding surf in the background. The feel of the crisp tempered air on your face as the sun creeps over the mountains, as you prepare for the session with a warm cup of coffee on our breakfast bar facing the ocean clearing the image of the waves reeling along “middles”, the right hand point located directly out in front of The K-Lodge. All of a sudden, you see one swinging wide and peeling endlessly with no one on it leaving a wild maine of offshore spit trailing off its back. At that moment, you know that it’s going to be a great day!.

This is what we are all about! We want to share our little piece of paradise with you. We invite you to disengage from the world at home and let yourself float away in a wild atmosphere of natural jungle an a ocean filled with perfect waves. We have 3 great waves for all levels of surfing located only a stones through from our place. This is what we are! A place to chill and disengage and to enjoy life thru nature and tropical rhythms.
Come and live the dream with us.


“hey wassup, welcome home, lets go surf right now, waves are sick bro!” these are usually the first words you will hear from Walter your host at k-lodge right when you get off the car from the airport. A lifetime surfer, born and raised in La Libertad. Walter has been surfing the coast of El Salvador and all its little nooks and craneys for over 20 years. He is always up for a surf, partying, and showing you a good time. Bring on the good vibes!





“Food is served!” You will learn that this is a call from the heaven. Just a few days into your week at The K-Lodge and this call will become to be as important for your day as is the surf becuuse Lorena, our kitchen staff, world class cooking is as epic treat as are the waves in our backyard. Organic, healthy, and home made food cared with lot of love and always served with an smile . believe us… YOU WILL BE STOKED!!!